credmap : 동일한 계정 및 비밀번호를 사용하는 사이트를 검색

GitTools : GitFinder, GitDumper, GitExtractor


Lunar : UNix Auditing and Reporting

OpenDoor : This application scans the site directories and find all possible ways to login, empty directories and entry points.

ODAT : ODAT (Oracle Database Attacking Tool) is an open source penetration testing tool that tests the security of Oracle Databases remotely.

pwntools : CTF framework and exploit development library

Snowman : Native code to C/C++ decompiler

SSPartan : SPartan is a Frontpage and Sharepoint fingerprinting and attack tool

Sublist3r : Sublist3r is a python tool designed to enumerate subdomains of websites using OSINT.

SpyderBot : This is very Simple Tool help you Auto Detect Version and Exploit JOOMLA Vulnerability Local File Disclosure.

vncpasswd : w/decryption abilities & extra features


wfuzz : Wfuzz has been created to facilitate the task in web applications assessments and it is based on a simple concept: it replaces any reference to the FUZZ keyword by the value of a given payload.
Wuzz : Command line interface tool for HTTP inspection

Watchdog : Watchog is an integration of open source security tools aimed to provide a holistic security view for a given domain/IP.


Static Binaries